Monday, January 10, 2005

Confronted by the stern sign of the stars
Their intractable blaring shining
Eric rode a red animal
To the reservoir. His friend
Was the reservoir. He
Referred to rope-lights
In a strained bunch
As if at
No point

Pawn nail
At infant ands
Strengthened inside
Lights grope to remove
His friend, the reservoir,
A red animal, a growp
A grow-up, told him “Eric, hold
My hair and you won’t fall when I go
Fast as the all-cold signs of the all-cold stars.”

curtain of lights


Friday, January 07, 2005

An awkward sort of
Resting on a pillow sort of
Lavender left-overs from somebody’s fun sort of
dust-devils of smeared chilled sort of

a branch off a branch of bleeding sort of
a snail shot from a cannon trailing sort of
a lingerie of error round an after-image sort of
a vermicelli rubber shadow squishing sort of

This is not the land of tree-trunk pants
This is the padded interior
exteriorized, sort of skin-flaps
pinned in place by skinny push-pins sort of

This is the land of tree-trunk truthful
Biopsy sort of
Fantasy is a spare organ;
on the slide where its recumbent jellies gum their snacks sort of


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Frog-prince cloud
Plundered the lip
of the sealed

Whiskers of sunset limping
to the bottom of the
under-brain the split

Dynasties of hemispheres
Certain speckled
brain-tags warble

a claim of sense
as we would claim
insurance reimbursement

the rowdy gaseous
Plunderlip the Sealed

through the seized


The ability to form patterns
has its momentary
such as when monsters

the retina has
a bark or carapace
of tiny scratches
or smudges on it,

such as when light
or swords of floating dust
or fingers seeking
dryness itches

out of a bark
a carapace
of unintending
places to hang thoughts


Monday, January 03, 2005

above the bed