Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A teddy bear made of
Lava and raspberry jam,
lukewarm lava,
very hot raspberry jam

Eric cuddles his
little bear, beneath
covers like hoods of lava,
low roof of his cave-bed

The lukewarm lava
has congealed, sealed
ceiling. A teddy bear is
somebody’s heart,

somebody’s heartbeat dropped
from a very hot
place down, chilling under
covers in the low caves of the bed

Heartbeats under
Fur and fuzzy
crises of nostalgia,
sealed heart of lukewarm lava

Who’s heart is it?
If it was yours,
you would know that you had
dropped it, right?

Is it hibernating
in that fur?
It would be terrible
to treat a bear so

to take your heart out of it.
Justifiable, yes, but
Poor fuzzy-wuzzy-wuzzy house

poor fuzzy-wuzzy-wuzzy house


At 1:05 PM, Blogger willowbutton said...

It seems very cool to bring the teddy bears in.


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